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Audrey, Athena, Cook & Greta were shelter dogs before they came into our lives and were not eating the best of dog food during their stay. So during the adoption process (for all four), we understood upfront that we were going to have to transition them from the shelter food to a dog food brand that we felt comfortable with. Just as a change in your dog’s environment can be stressful, a change to your dog’s diet is no exception and a new food should be introduced slowly into your dog’s daily routine. We are super lucky that none of our dogs have sensitive tummies or food allergies, so when we were given the opportunity to introduce all four dogs to Only Natural Pet’s NEW Canine PowerFood, we jumped at the chance to try a natural dog food formulated by a holistic vet and made in the USA.

Only Natural Pet makes it very simple to transition your dog onto the Canine PowerFood.  An easy to follow transitioning chart is included on every package. The total transition time takes around 10 days. Slowly mix your dog’s current food with 25% of the PowerFood and gradually increase over the transition period. If you follow the simple guide, you should avoid an upset puppy tummy. If you do notice any loose stool or an upset stomach, it’s normally a sign that the transition period needs to be extended to give them a little bit more time to get used to the new dog food. We followed their easy guide and we had no issues transitioning all four of our dogs to the Canine PowerFood.

Only Natural Pet’s Canine PowerFood is packed with protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids. With low-glycemic carbohydrates like lentils and garbanzo beans, your pup will have long lasting energy without spikes in blood sugar that can slow them down or make them feel sick. Vitamin packed real fruits and veggies and an exclusive PowerBoost freeze dried (raw) blend of superfoods like green lipped mussels, sea cucumbers, probiotics and pumpkin are infused into each piece of kibble. This allergy-friendly dog food is also gluten-free and free of any corn, wheat, oat and soy products. The food comes in three different flavors, ‘Just Fish Feast’‘Red Meat Feast’ and ‘Poultry Feast’.

Our pups chose to try the ‘Just Fish Feast’ flavor. The first four ingredients in the ‘Just Fish Feast’ are Deboned Whitefish (protein rich, great for dogs with poultryor beef allergies), Menhaden fish meal (allergy friendly, high in Omega-3 fatty acids), Whitefish meal (protein packed, delivers important nutrients in a highly palatable format) and Garbanzo beans (low glycemic, grain-free energy source). You can also check out Only Natural Pet’s list of unacceptable dog food ingredients, here. You will never find these unacceptable items in any of their pet foods.

All four pups woofed down the PowerFood. They definitely had no issues with the taste and the kibble is a perfect bite size. I was not worried about the kibble being too large or too small for them to choke on. Within the first couple of days transitioning them onto the PowerFood, we noticed an increase in their energy levels and Greta and Athena’s coats (both short hair) looked healthier and were much shinier.

We have wanted to introduce an all-natural dog food into our dog’s diet and we are so happy we were able to partner with Only Natural Pet and give our pups an exclusive taste of their Canine PowerFood. We are confident about this product and are looking forward to transitioning our dogs fully into the Only Natural Pet dog food family. The poultry, red meat and fish editions of the Canine PowerFood will be available to purchase on October 6th, 2014. You can pre-order your bag at Only Natural Pet. You can also check them out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

Have you ever transitioned your dog to a new food? How about an all natural dog food?  Let us know in the comments below!

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