Be, Blog and Read the Change for Animals! 

On the 15th, join Team BtC and those who care about animals in need.

  • Tell us what you’ve done to Be the Change for Animals
  • Make a fresh commitment to act on behalf of animals
  • Inspire others to do the same
  • Spread the word

Sweet. Dog. Life. is making a fresh commitment to be more involved with our local shelter, the Greenville Humane Society. They are the largest no-kill shelter in all of North and South Carolina. Our Audrey was adopted from the Humane Society and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We are committed to helping our shelter educate and spread the word on good dog ownership, the benefits of owning a shelter pet and how pet owners throughout the community can take advantage of the Humane Society’s low-cost programs to keep our pet population spayed and neutered.

How can you help blog the change for animals?  Visit Blog The Change for Animals for blog post ideas but most of all spread the word! Join the BtC blog hop below!

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